A healthier, happier mindset awaits.

Today our mental health is more important than ever. We've compiled some resources designed to help you access the care you deserve.

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How it works

Life Support’s Mental Health Check provides online clinical support in the assessment and triaging of mental health issues.  Mental Health Check provides a confidential and comprehensive evidence-based assessment of an individual’s current mental and emotional health .

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Dr. Mitch Colp explains the innovative Mental Health Check process.

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A healthier, happier mindset awaits.

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Life Support’s Mental Health Check provides online clinical support in the assessment and prioritization of mental health issues. It offers a comprehensive evidence-based look at an individual’s current mental and emotional health and is completely confidential.

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At Mednow our goal is to develop a digital interdisciplinary model of care. Our health expertise is anchored in pharmacy and supported by telemedicine. Mental health services are a logical extension of our offering. We’ve teamed up with Life Support Mental Health to help advance Mednow’s holistic healthcare solution platform.

Holistic approach to patient care

What is Mental Health Check?

It’s normal to feel a little blue sometimes. We all experience it, but if not properly evaluated, these feelings can become bigger and interfere with our daily lives. Getting a Mental Health Check not only assesses how you’re doing but also helps decide whether getting help from a trained professional might be a step in the right direction.
With a Mental Health Check, the clarity and confidence you deserve are right around the corner.

Why should I get a Mental Health Check?

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1. Sign up

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2. Take the check

Complete an in-depth online Mental Health Check assessment.

3. Review your results

Your selected mental health professional will call to review your results.

4. Get direct referrals

Direct referral available should additional support be recommended.

The cost of Mental Health Check is $299 and can be covered under most health insurance and benefit plans or health care spending accounts.